10 years ago, in June we held our first ever Ladies Hunting Camp with 20 ladies, shooting our own firearms, our bows and using our personal equipment to teach these 20 ladies the skills they need to be safe and successful in the Outdoors and Hunting.

We have grown now to numerous camps every year of 50 plus attendees, we have sponsored rifles, pistols, bows and shotguns. Ladies fly in from all over the Country, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, California and more, I would say the majority are from Oregon or the Northwest, but they come from all over. The passion & drive to learn to hunt, provide for their families, eat organic, to get out in God’s Country, to be safe and learn from the best in the industry is very strong.

Oregon Camp

Youth Camp

Advanced Rifle Camp

Elk Hunting Master Class

Yow Hunting Camps for 2024

The ORIGINAL Oregon Ladies Hunting Camp

It is our 11th Year!

Ladies, you’re invited to come join the fun! We have some of the top instructors on hand to help sharpen your skills. Shooting, archery, orienteering, tracking, and everything in between. Try out & WIN some of the latest gear from our sponsors. As always, home-made meals are included.

Youth Hunting Camp July 19-21st

This camp will offer over 20 classes for the kids to choose from, including all shooting Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, & Archery, Orienteering, Scouting and tracking, Skinning and quartering large game, Turkey hunting, Wilderness Survival, and so much more!

Advanced Rifle/Long Range Camp

This is the real deal, hunters will be dialing their rifles and shooting to 1000 yards. We have been running these camps for the last couple of years as Ladies Only, but we are now offering both a ladies only and Co-Ed camp.